Interconics PCB Assembly, Supply & Design

High quality PCB manufacture and SMT assembly

Interconics have been providing customer focused EMS and CEM services since 1987. Our key focus is offering value added, flexible and reliable services in order to build long-term partnerships with our customers.

Interconics PCB Assembly, PCB Production and PCB Design
Interconics PCB Assembly, PCB Production and PCB Design

Interconics offer class leading electronics manufacturing services

Here at Interconics we provide a tailor made CEM service with all of the support and guidance you need to move from concept to volume production. With outstanding staff, class leading equipment and exemplary service we deliver the value added flexible supply chain management you deserve.

PCB Production

Our class leading production solutions provide added value compared to conventional electronics manufacturing services.

PCB Inspection

Inspection is a key part of any manufacturing process. Interconics constantly monitor our quality through various means of inspection.

Second Stage

We can work on custom small batch hand built jobs where components cannot be processed by pick and place machines or other production equipment.

Interconics PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

Quality assured PCB assembly, supply and design

Interconics have been assembling PCB’s for over 20 years and we are constantly looking into the future to ensure we are ahead of the curve. We have recently upgraded the entire production suite to top of the range Yamaha equipment capable of placing tiny 03015 (0.3mm x 0.15mm) components with perfect accuracy.

X-Ray Inspection System

Yamaha Automated Optical Inspection systems

With PCB land space at a premium and the constant miniaturization of electronic assemblies, high-density connection devices such as BGA, LGA, PoP, Flip chip and many other invisible joint devices are becoming more and more common.

Interconics Inspection Microscopes

Rework & Repairs

Quality assured PCB assembly, supply and design

From the first stages of design right through to the final touch we offer the complete solution for your product. Using advanced techniques and state of the art equipment our experienced technicians can remove and replace any component including the most complex packages available.

Interconics Inspection Microscopes


To complement our standard vision equipment we have two highly specialist microscopes, to help us identify the smallest of flaws in PCB’s.

Interconics PCB Inspection

A. O. I.

Improve product reliability and reduce time to market. Our automated optical inspection systems remove the ambiguity from PCB inspection by taking the decision away from the technician.

Test & Analysis

Interconics have a multitude of electronics testing equipment, allowing us to ensure that your product functions perfectly before we dispatch it.

Interconics are specialists in high quality, high technology solutions for both PCB manufacture & SMT assembly with flexible delivery capabilities.

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