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Inspection microscopes

Hirox digital microscope & Lynx EVO dynascope

To complement our standard vision equipment we have two highly specialist microscopes. These help us identify the smallest of flaws in PCB’s at any stage of our production process.

Hirox Digital Microscope

With zoom levels of up to 320x before digital zoom and a multitude of different lens attachments this is our go to for inspection.

With fast and accurate 3D modelling and accurate measurement built in, this microscope revolutionized the way we inspect, measure and analyse all aspects of PCBs.

Interconics Hirox Digital Microscope

Lynx EVO Dynascope

Interconics have been working with Vision Engineering for two generations of this product now; we were so impressed by the capabilities that we keep coming back time after time.

The patented optics of Lynx EVO provides a large viewing area with an optical, three-dimensional high resolution image, not the two-dimensional digital image of video or camera scopes.

Click and hold to rotate the image.

With a zoom ratio of 10:1 the standard magnification range 6x – 60x can be multiplied with objective and multiplier lenses to a total magnification of 240x. The zoom indexing lever aides in marking a magnification position for samples or multi-user situations.

Integrated HD camera and software provides seamless image/video capture and annotation capabilities for documentation purposes, with simultaneous on-screen display.

Interconics Lynx EVO Dynascope

Lynx EVO Dynascope

Lynx EVO is a high productivity stereo microscope without eyepieces, powering productivity through stunning 3D viewing.

The unique patented eyepiece-less optics of Lynx EVO liberates users from restrictive working practices, opening up a world of enhanced efficiency through unrivalled ease of use and ergonomic performance.

Providing truly stunning 3D (stereo) imaging, Lynx EVO allows fast and accurate inspection in a wide range of applications.

Dynascope® eyepiece-less technology makes Lynx EVO naturally ergonomic, allowing eyes and hands to work together, simplifying precision inspection tasks.

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