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Rework and Repairs

The perfect choice to repair, or rework your product

Interconics Rework & Repair PCBs
Interconics Rework & Repair PCBs

Our knowledge and skill in building electronics assemblies makes us the perfect choice to repair, or rework your product.

With state of the art rework equipment from Ersa and Metcal, using highly advanced techniques, our skilled and experienced technicians are fully equipped to remove and replace components on your PCB. This includes; BGA, LGA, PoP, MiP and all other SMT and PTH packages.

Our top of the range Ersa rework stations are the perfect tool for our skilled rework team to cleanly remove and replace any electronic component, giving us total coverage.

This value added service is especially useful on NPI and prototyping projects where multiple revisions could take place on the same PCB with only minor component changes.

Interconics are specialists in high quality, high technology solutions for both PCB manufacture & SMT assembly with flexible delivery capabilities.

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