X-Ray Inspection System

Yamaha Automated Optical Inspection systems

Interconics X-Ray Inspection System

Our 3D X-Ray equipment can automatically measure the ball size, volume and density of every solder joint; this means we can monitor our production process and ensure that we are manufacturing your product to the highest standard.

With PCB land space at a premium and the constant miniaturization of electronic assemblies, high-density connection devices such as BGA, LGA, PoP, Flip chip and many other invisible joint devices are becoming more and more common.

With new BGA devices using a center-to-center pitch of just 0.3mm between ball joints X-Ray inspection of all non-visible solder joints is crucial. For effective inspection of all PCB assemblies, Interconics recently invested in a Yamaha 3D X-Ray machine.

The high quality image due to Yamaha exclusive X-Ray laminography combined with excellent machine to machine links allow us to fully automate this process, for exceptional quality control and complete coverage.

Yamaha X-Ray Video

3D X-Ray imaging is the best way to ensure that all non visible solder joints are perfectly formed; with the use of advanced CT scanning technology and excellent 3D modeling software our technicians can ensure that you receive a reliable product.

Interconics are specialists in high quality, high technology solutions for both PCB manufacture & SMT assembly with flexible delivery capabilities.

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