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X-Ray Inspection System

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In the highly competitive electronics industry, the quality and reliability of printed circuit boards (PCBs) are of paramount importance. As devices become smaller and more complex, ensuring the integrity of solder joints and other connections is crucial for the optimal performance and longevity of electronic products.  

This is where our advanced PCB X-Ray Inspection System comes into play, serving as a valuable asset that helps to ensure the highest standards of quality and precision in every project we undertake.

Interconics X-Ray Inspection System

Our 3D X-Ray equipment can automatically measure the ball size, volume and density of every solder joint; this means we can monitor our production process and ensure that we are manufacturing your product to the highest standard.

With PCB land space at a premium and the constant miniaturization of electronic assemblies, high-density connection devices such as BGA, LGA, PoP, Flip chip and many other invisible joint devices are becoming more and more common.

With new BGA devices using a center-to-center pitch of just 0.3mm between ball joints X-Ray inspection of all non-visible solder joints is crucial. For effective inspection of all PCB assemblies, Interconics recently invested in a Yamaha 3D X-Ray machine.

The high quality image due to Yamaha exclusive X-Ray laminography combined with excellent machine to machine links allow us to fully automate this process, for exceptional quality control and complete coverage.

Interconics’ advanced 3D PCB X-Ray inspection system 

To address the challenges associated with inspecting non-visible solder joints, Interconics has invested in cutting-edge Yamaha 3D X-Ray equipment. This advanced machine enables precise and reliable inspection of all PCB assemblies, providing unparalleled insight into the quality of solder joints and other critical connections. 

The Yamaha 3D X-Ray machine is designed to automatically measure the ball size, volume, and density of every solder joint. This capability allows Interconics to closely monitor the production process and ensure that each product is manufactured to the highest possible standard, meeting or exceeding customer expectations. 

Maximising efficiency and accuracy with X-Ray inspection for PCBs 

With a strong commitment to quality control and continuous improvement, our PCB X-Ray Inspection System stands out as an essential tool for success in the competitive electronics industry. 

If this sounds like a service that you require, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team. We can provide our expert advice to help ensure your needs are met and can conveniently point you towards other PCB inspection services if our x-ray inspection service does not match your needs.  

Yamaha X-Ray Video

3D X-Ray imaging is the best way to ensure that all non visible solder joints are perfectly formed; with the use of advanced CT scanning technology and excellent 3D modeling software our technicians can ensure that you receive a reliable product.

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