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Interconics PCB assembly

Interconics have been assembling PCB’s for over 20 years and we are constantly looking into the future to ensure we are ahead of the curve.

Here at Interconics we have recently upgraded our entire production suite to top of the range Yamaha equipment capable of placing tiny 03015 (0.3mm x 0.15mm) components with perfect accuracy.

This means we can ensure exceptional build quality with great lead times on even the most advanced PCB designs. In addition to our exceptional assembly services, we offer a multitude of value-added services to improve your products, including; Conformal coating to increase water resistance and improve in-field product life cycles and BGA/CSP Underfill to improve mechanical resistance to shock and vibration and reduced thermal expansion issues due to increased thermal transfer between component and printing circuit boards. We offer many more value-added services to improve your product, please get in touch with us to find out more.

Our fully automated SMT production lines contain :

ESD controlled PCB cleaners capable of removing any foreign particles and any static charge from PCBS before they enter production.

Automated screen printers capable of printing the smallest components on the market with full inspection and perfect repeatability. With versatile stencil technology including; nano polishing, stepped stencils and nano coatings we can ensure that you get perfect solder joints every time.

Pick and place machines capable of placing from 0.3×0.15mm components and 0.25mm pitch BGA devices up to 55x100mm components at up to 90,000 components per hour per machine. With placement accuracy of +/-0.025 @ 3σ we can guarantee a reliable, repeatable placement of any component.

Perfectly controlled multi zone reflow ovens with ideal conditions for repeatable solder joint reliability. Our experienced production technicians have over 20 years of experience in reflow profiling, across all levels of PCB technology.

Automated loading and unloading equipment to minimize manual handling of PCBs. With the need for automation and traceability growing rapidly as we embrace and implement our Industry 4.0 plans, having fully automated PCB handling in our production facility is more crucial than ever.

Interconics PCB assembly

Interconics are specialists in high quality, high technology solutions for both PCB manufacture & SMT assembly with flexible delivery capabilities.

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