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Inspection is a key part of any manufacturing process

Interconics PCB Inspection
Interconics PCB Inspection

Here at Interconics, we constantly monitor our quality through various means of inspection. We are committed to ensuring that you receive the high-quality product you deserve and implementing a robust PCB inspection programme is key to fulfilling that commitment.  

Our core principles are quality and service, so we know that we must provide a 100% right first-time quality system in order to give our customers the high-quality products, results and services that they deserve.  

Why is PCB testing and inspection necessary? 

Testing and inspecting PCBs before they are shipped to customers is extremely important, not just for ensuring optimal customer satisfaction, but also to constantly monitor and improve our internal processes to help us provide the high-quality products that we are known for.  

PCB testing and inspection is necessary to ensure that our PCB production service meet the required quality standards and function as intended. Without proper testing and inspection, defects and faults can go unnoticed, leading to potential malfunctions and failures in the final product. Additionally, testing and inspection allow us to identify and rectify any production errors or design flaws, thereby improving the overall quality and reliability of the product.  

By prioritizing testing and inspection, we are able to provide our customers with high-quality, reliable PCBs that meet their exact specifications and requirements and ensure our own stringent quality and reliability standards are kept.  

As well as thoroughly inspecting your product we also provide post build reports to help you start your production the right way.

Our PCB Inspection service   

Whether it is an NPI project or a product you have had for years, we implement a robust inspection service to provide you the information you need in order to progress and build a stronger future together. 

As well as thoroughly inspecting your product, we also provide post build reports to help you start your production journey with us the right way. 

At Interconics, we utilize various testing and inspection techniques, such as automated optical inspection (AOI) and in-circuit testing (ICT), to ensure that the PCBs meet our stringent quality requirements.  

We also provide JTag testing to program, debug, test and analyse your product, as well as bespoke testing if a custom testing solution is needed for your product.  

If you are interested in any of our testing and analysis services for your PCB product, then give our expert team a call on +44 (0)1225 700108.  

The advantages of proper PCB testing 

PCB testing ensures that the final product is of high quality and meets the required specifications that both we and our clients expect.  

One of the main advantages to PCB testing is ensuring that the circuit board is functioning properly, and all components are correctly installed. 

In addition, PCB testing helps identify potential design flaws or production errors, which can be corrected before mass production. This reduces the risk of costly rework and minimizes time-to-market.  

Lastly, testing can provide valuable feedback to the design and development teams, which can lead to improving our own manufacturing process, allowing us to spot where mistakes are being made and reducing the chance of repeat mistakes in the future. 

Get in contact with Interconics today to enquire further about our PCB inspection services.  

pcb inspection

PCB Inspection


In keeping with our fully integrated Yamaha production suite we also use Yamaha Automated Optical Inspection systems.

Interconics Automated Optical Inspection


3D X-Ray imaging is the best way to ensure that all non visible solder joints are perfectly formed and you receive a reliable product.

Interconics Quins


Our Quins system allows us to capture, inspect and record a high quality image of every PCB in its final state before dispatch.

Interconics Quins Inspection System

Inspection Microscopes

To complement our standard vision equipment we have two highly specialist microscopes.

Interconics Inspection Microscopes

Get in touch today to enquire further about our services. Conveniently complete our online enquiry form or give us a call directly on +44 (0)1225 700108.  

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