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Inspection is a key part of any manufacturing process

Interconics PCB Inspection
Interconics PCB Inspection

Here at Interconics we constantly monitor our quality through various means of inspection. We are committed to ensuring that you receive the high quality product you deserve.

Our core principles are quality and service, so we know that we must provide a 100% right first time quality system in order to give our customers the service they deserve.

Whether it is an NPI project or a product you have had for years we implement this service to provide you the information you need, to progress and build a stronger future together.

As well as thoroughly inspecting your product we also provide post build reports to help you start your production the right way.

PCB Inspection


In keeping with our fully integrated Yamaha production suite we also use Yamaha Automated Optical Inspection systems.

Interconics Automated Optical Inspection


3D X-Ray imaging is the best way to ensure that all non visible solder joints are perfectly formed and you receive a reliable product.

Interconics Quins


Our Quins system allows us to capture, inspect and record a high quality image of every PCB in its final state before dispatch.

Interconics Quins Inspection System

Inspection Microscopes

To complement our standard vision equipment we have two highly specialist microscopes.

Interconics Inspection Microscopes

Interconics are specialists in high quality, high technology solutions for both PCB manufacture & SMT assembly with flexible delivery capabilities.

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