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PCB Technical Capabilities

Quality assured PCB assembly, supply and design

Interconics Technical Capabilities
Interconics Technical Capabilites

Interconics offer class leading electronics manufacturing services.

Here at Interconics we provide a tailor made CEM service with all of the support and guidance you need to move from concept to volume production.

With outstanding staff, class leading equipment and exemplary service we deliver the value added flexible supply chain management you deserve.

Bare PCBs

Through our network of carefully chosen partners, we can provide high quality PCBs with excellent lead times in any quantity.

This means we can help you to compete in your price sensitive market without compromising your high standards.

Standard capabilities

Max layer count56(Rigid) 24(Rigid flex)
Thickness0.2mm (Min) 8mm (Max)
Copper weight1/2oz (17.5 μm)-12oz (420 μm)
Minimum track width25 μm
Minimum insulation width25 μm
Minimum laser via pad and drill size150 μm (pad) 40 μm (drill)
Minimum mech via pad and drill size250 μm (pad) 50 μm (drill)
Solder mask Gap25 μm (Gap)
Impedance control+/- 5%

Standard capabilities

MaterialFR4, FR4 halogen free, FR4 HTg
Rogers, polyimide, Arlon, Nelco
Taconic, Megtron4, Megtron6
PTFE, RCC, BT resin
High speed, low loss
Please contact us for special material requests
Surface finishENEPIG, ENIG, EPIG, OSP, HAL
Immersion tin/silver
Electrolytic gold
Please contact us for special surface finishes
We also offerBlind and buried Vias
Filled Vias (epoxy or copper)
Buried resistor
Buried capacitor
Buried copper coin
Metal backed and metal core
Please contact us to get the tailor made service you deserve

Surface mount

Interconics have recently overhauled our entire production and inspection suite to incorporate the newest class leading Yamaha equipment.

Our experienced staff are more than just operators or technicians, they are experts in their field.

At placement speeds up to 90,000 components per hour with accuracy of ±0.025mm at 3σ we offer a compromise free production service where quality and quantity are perfectly matched.

Our ESD protected production room is the perfect environment for electronic assembly, we constantly monitor and control the temperature and humidity level to ensure perfect operation conditions for our equipment, staff and most importantly your product.

Placing the smallest passive devices available 03015 (0.3mmx0.15mm) with exceptional accuracy and no compromise on speed, we are leading the way for European electronics manufacturing.

Surface mount

Print alignment accuracy+/-0.005mm 3σ
Print time including inspection11 Seconds
Board size minimum50x50mm
Board size maximum510x460mm
Component size minimum0.3x0.15mm (03015)
Component size maximum55x100x28mm
Line items per machine140
Placement accuracy+/-0.025mm 3σ
Placement speed per machine line90,000 Components per hour
AOI inspection X,Y,Z resolution5μm
3D CT X-Ray Inspection resolution18μm-54μm

Get in touch today to enquire further about our services. Conveniently complete our online enquiry form or give us a call directly on +44 (0)1225 700108.  

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