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Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

Yamaha Automated Optical Inspection systems

Interconics Automated Optical Inspection

In keeping with our fully integrated Yamaha production suite we also use Yamaha Automated Optical Inspection systems.

This means we can offer a more efficient production process with less manual handling of data, which allows us to give a higher level of quality assurance to our customers whilst still keeping our competitive lead times.

With a highly precise 5μm resolution camera system and 5μm resolution laser height measurement, we eliminate the ambiguity of the AOI process by taking the decision away from the technician.

Our fully automated Yamaha YSi 12 AOI system gives us the total coverage.

Fully automated Yamaha YSi 12 AOI system

The high-end hybrid automated optical inspection system employs a newly developed high-speed, high-resolution image processing technology and exclusive image capture technology.

This allows the system to make a single unit capable of being equipped for the three functions of high-speed, high-resolution 2D inspection, height and tilt angle 3D inspection and diagonal angle image inspection via a 4-direction angled camera.

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