Part of the Techpoint Group

Here at Interconics we have recently implemented a full class leading Yamaha production suite, this has greatly increased our capabilities and our operating efficiency.

To further add to this we have just implemented a full set of YJ-Link PCB handling equipment to automate our production process.

With excellent build quality and impressive levels of customization, YJ-Link was the perfect solution. With 4 separate modules of Yamaha machines it was imperative to implement a solution to seamlessly handle PCBAs between the modules with minimal operator handling.

Excellent new PCB handling equipmentDavid Weston, Managing Director of Interconics said “We saw that here there was a partner we could rely on to help us achieve our goal to perfect the most advanced capabilities in the marketplace and deliver the most complex products within the fastest turnaround times. We also selected YJ Link and Altus as our preferred board handling supplier.”

“The equipment is well designed, robust and good value for money, but again the key deciding factor for me was the willingness of the staff to offer support and help, beyond the norm. Another good business partnership has been formed.”

As well as brand new handling equipment Interconics have also invested in new magnesium PCB magazines. We chose these magazines, as they are highly robust, heat proof and very lightweight.

With highly competitive pricing, excellent service and well engineered products this adds up to a great solution, increasing our operating efficiency and minimizing technician handling. These magazines have been implemented across the entire production facility so that PCB assemblies can effortlessly be transferred from process to process seamlessly.

Minimizing technician handling is a major factor in automating our production process and is a significant part of our Industry 4.0 plan, this will increase our operating efficiency and help us defend our strong market position in years to come. Moving into the future, we are currently looking to invest in new PCBA reflow equipment, this new investment will need additional handling equipment implementing into our current handling system.

We know we can rely on Altus and YJ Link to provide yet another brilliant solution for this project.